iPhone, iPad, Mac Os X, Blackberry BB10
DynaStunts is an exciting supercross game that gets you burn up the track and show off your motorbike stunts. Strap on your helmet and show off all your best tricks!

Pick your rider and lay rubber on while doing wild stunts, gathering DynaStars and trying to beat the clock. Feel the heart-pounding thrill of doing loops, wheelies and grabbing huge air, but don’t lose your head: one false move and you might hit the ground in a ball of fire!

Tear up twenty five unique tracks, each with their own challenges:
Farm Cup, Waïcoco Cup, Train Cup, Factory Cup, FunFair Cup.

And enjoy these awesome extra features:

• Upgrade your rider and bike with DynaStars and power-ups you can gather while riding.
• Collect enough DynaStars to buy new helmets, goggles, supercross suits and snazzy custom paintjobs for your bike.
• Compare and compete for high scores with your friends through Apple’s Game Center service.
• Setup Controls as you like, keyboard, USB gamepad and iCade !
• High-Resolution Drawing for Retina Display

Strap on your helmet, jump on your bike, and get set for an explosive ride to fame as a daring supercross champ!

Kwlest. Gam. Ever
Game ever
Love it
Works smooth, it's fun, and is a showoff.
Nice but kinda tough
Nice for my Q10 but kinda hard to beat with all the bonuses but overall nice graphics and nice controls
Great fun and challenging to do well
Great game.
Superb Game
Worth buying it. Enjoy the ride.
Great way to kill some time, very entertaining, and challenging. PS- for the ones asking, yes, you can use the keyboard to control the game.
More levels
Great game, great graphics kept be entertained for long time. PLEASE add more levels to it because it's a really good game and worth a try
Five stars, if not for the lack of keyboard controls. Enjoyable on my Q nonetheless.
Geliştirilmesi gerek
Bu oyundan adam olur ama çalışılırsa
Увлекательно и классная графика, Q10
Отличная игра, классная графика, отличная скорость анимации, единственное, к управлению нужно привыкнуть, но вообще отлично!
Awesome game!
Hard but keeps you coming back for more!!!
Great game
Great controls. Great graphics. Hours of fun.
gak bisa di unduh
Great game
It's honestly a very fun game. Not that challenging once you figure it out and lots of room to advance yourself through the levels and challenges.
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