Biplanes Blasta
iPhone, iPad, Mac Os X, Blackberry BB10
Jump in the pilot seat and adjust your seat belt, your flight is going to be rough.
Select your missions through 3 game modes to match your style.

- Balloons: keep cool and pop some balloons at your own pace.
- Race: Push your limits by racing through gates close to the ground.
- Online: Dogfight action starts here, against real aces.

Want a stronger, faster and prettier aircraft ?
Unlock customization options to upgrade your plane.

Game Center is required for online play.

Great game ...
This is a great game, but this version crashes a lot. The crashes occur mostly when retrieving an ad, but not always. It will crash mid game as well. Four crashes in the last ten minutes I think. Update: crashes every time I launch one of the islands.
I was always looking for an old plane game. This fills the hole, just fix the occasional crash and have more online people and this will be a permanent app. P.S: make it a little easier to get coins Please!
DanLabs does it again😎
I absolutely love their DynaStunts motorcycle racer and this one has a similar style artwork. 👍
This is a great little app and best of all its free.
I got this game about a week ago and just to show you how amazing this game is I am writing this review on my own not because I a pop up asking me to this is the best app I have I my only compliant is I wish more people had it for the online!
Pretty cool game
Pretty good, I wish dynastunts was back up!!!!!
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