iPhone, iPad, Mac Os X, Blackberry BB10
DynaStunts is an exciting supercross game that gets you burn up the track and show off your motorbike stunts. Strap on your helmet and show off all your best tricks!

Pick your rider and lay rubber on while doing wild stunts, gathering DynaStars and trying to beat the clock. Feel the heart-pounding thrill of doing loops, wheelies and grabbing huge air, but don’t lose your head: one false move and you might hit the ground in a ball of fire!

Tear up twenty five unique tracks, each with their own challenges:
Farm Cup, Waïcoco Cup, Train Cup, Factory Cup, FunFair Cup.

And enjoy these awesome extra features:

• Upgrade your rider and bike with DynaStars and power-ups you can gather while riding.
• Collect enough DynaStars to buy new helmets, goggles, supercross suits and snazzy custom paintjobs for your bike.
• Compare and compete for high scores with your friends through Apple’s Game Center service.
• Setup Controls as you like, keyboard, USB gamepad and iCade !
• High-Resolution Drawing for Retina Display

Strap on your helmet, jump on your bike, and get set for an explosive ride to fame as a daring supercross champ!

Great Quality, Truly Fun!
I very much enjoy this game. I am quite surprised that this hasn't gotten much attention, but a clone of Clash of Clans is (currently) editor's choice. Everything seems polished, the gameplay fun, and it's a not too often seen game on iOS. I say get this, it's well worth your time!
Fun game
I recommend getting this game if you like those motorcycle games. This is my favorite stunt game on my iPod
Controls took a little bit of getting used to but it's really fun.
Something new but over all get for the kid thats handicap would work out just right for the big guy. Happy smashing
Thank you. Needed a good motorcycle game
Excellent game!well worth the money
📲Update works well on iOS 6 now! Wow this is a hidden gem. It's got great cel shaded artwork and VERY polished design and gameplay. Feels like Nintendo game quality!  One of the finest games I've ever bought on the app store. This is like Bike Baron but more focused on fun rather than frustration, yet it gives plenty of challenge to reach all the goals/stars IF you want that challenge. Very well balanced. Well done 
Love your games!
This one is my favorite! And the update is superb, thanks a lot!
Please help
Please help this game I just bought 3 hours ago is not working on iPhone 4S iOS 6.0 it crashes please fix it or return my 2.99$ please I didn't even play it once please help fix it
Another iOS release, another BROKEN game. Ridiculous.
Crashes on iOS 6. iPad 2. Please fix!
Won't even open with iOS 6
Shows the opening graphic, then crashes. Please fix. This is one of the best games available. I would love to see a track editor, that would be amazing!
Keeps crashing fix it or give me my money back!
Almost unplayable w/o a level select
But I'm giving it five stars cause its an amazing game. No LEVEL SELECT is a deal-breaker for me and will be for tons of people. Please please please give us a good level select.
Fun but
The game WAS fun until they made an update and switched the controls. Change them back
Good fun game.. Just crashes too much.
I have an 1st gen iPad and this game constantly crashes. Sometimes I can make it through and entire set of 5 races, but most of the time It crashes in the middle, or just before I get my trophy, if the device is locked and I then try and resume the game.
Don't waste your money
Poorly written. The graphics look ripped from Flip Rider, the physics are pathetic, and level design needs a ton o help. Right from the first level, it's a nightmare playing experience that makes little sense. People need to stop thinking that they can design, code, and market apps as a "one man show" Save your money and buy a real game with polish and love, not some cobbled together crap. Bike Baron is half the price and 500 times the polish. Hopeful the developer will just pull this title and stop ripping people off!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
Normally I don't write reviews but this game was so much fun for the ipod. It's like the PS3 title Joe Danger. Great graphics, challenging levels and a store front where you can spend the stars you earn to buy new outfits, helmets and bike paint jobs.
Something special
This game boasts absolutely stunning 3D cel shaded graphics and equally enjoyable and challenging gameplay. The lack of an individual level select is a questionable design decision, but that should not discourage you from getting this game if you have any interest whatsoever. It is fantastic. Played on an iPad 2.
Fun Game! Achievements Lost.
Some nice improvements, but as someone else said, any achievements you've gotten will be lost in the update. That may be due to the addition of the in-app purchase system for buying additional stars. Luckily I hadn't gotten too many, so it wasn't that big a deal.
After update
After the update you lose all the items you purchased with stars.
Very good racer!
I am a huge fan of these Joe Danger type of games and this is another great one. Crisp graphics and smooth/ fun gameplay. Please add an individual stage selection. It would be nice to be able to play a level you left off on without having to replay all the races in the cup again. That would be my only gripe.
Very cool
Beautiful graphics... Fun game play. Great mechanics. I like how it lets u get all of the characters without IAP. More fun than bike baron. Overall great game and a good price.
Another great title from Danlab
I've followed DanLab for over a decade due to his fantastic skills at creating Mac and PC games. With this, DanLab shows he also has a great feel for iOS gaming. Great graphics style (a hallmark of EVERY game by DanLab), delightful sound, and some truly whimsical and fun play mechanics. By the second stage you will be truly surprised... I know I was. The game starts off a little more challenging than most iOS games, but even then the control is fairly forgiving. Overall the game has a great feel. Highly recommended.
One of the best
Over 3000 games have been purchased on the app store by me since the start. Dynastunts has become one of my absolute favorites very fast. You have to play it to feel the magic, but it's got that same addictive hitch that other greats have, such as ssx, ridge racer, lumines, etc. (it's not like those games, but it's addictive nature can be compared to those) I will always watch danlabs. Extremely talented individual! Thx for an amazing game!
It's not brutally hard like a lot of dirt bike games are. It replaces a lot of the tedious climbing with lots of big and fast jumps. If you do want the game to be more challenging there are extra points you can get like collecting all the stars or performing a list of tricks. They are pretty hard to get though. The graphics are really good. Lots of bright colors and it looks great on my retina iPod.
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