The Html5 and iPhone Casino Games You Need To Try This Year

iphone casino games


Starting to play at a new casino for the very first time can be intimidating -a nervous task which can affect your performance and confidence. After all, you are putting your hard earned money on a site which you have never played on before, unaware of its software, rules, and other factors. By contrast, using an iPhone casino with free bonuses significantly diminishes the problem of being unsure of the product you’re choosing. In fact, it can give players such as you the opportunity to try out a game before purchasing it, all while getting accustomed to the software and its intricate details.

Perhaps the most significant reason why you should play casino games for iPhone is the fact that you can use your mobile device anywhere you are and at any time of day or night. In other words, no longer will you be bound to the confines of your little-boxed room –instead, being able to enjoy betting even while on a rich-green field with a picnic basket. This is one of the leading advantages that millions of players around the world are feeling happy about –attracting the inception of more and more mobile casino applications. Of course, every casino is trying to win your business, and a multitude of them offer new and returning players bonuses, promotions, and extra features.

The biggest perks are typically awarded to new players, and thus if you’re in that position, get ready to enjoy massive bonuses in the form of additional promotions and money. You can even be given free spins and other privileges that you can use in one way or another while playing –available using some of best gambling apps on your iPhone device.

Already buzzing with excitement? Well, you should, and we have a few iPhone and Html5 games which you need to try out before anything else:

#1 New Las Vegas Casino Slot Machines

For lovers of authentic Las Vegas slots and the feeling generated by them, the Big Win slots will be right down your alley. This original games is fast and most importantly, free -exciting your senses and leaving you with a massive grin on your face.

There are multiple bonus games you can try and get, and best of all there are real Vegas rules –useful if you’re an avid frequenter of these places. In other words, Big Win Slots is a game which mimics the experience of the Strip, bringing it closer to your, in the comfort of your living room, bed, or even during your lunch break. Whether you can’t make the trip with your friends and see the magic happen live, or whether you’re trying to limit the cash you spend on extras, iPhone brings the real-deal to you.

The app offers both 3-reel and 5-reel games, and as you play, you can earn VIP Credits -which you will be able to use across all Mobile Deluxe games.

#2 Mr Chicken Html5 Game

Shying away from serious games which put too much pressure on you, Mr. Chicken is a fun and interactive alternative featuring cheerful music, cute animations, and an adorable background –Mr. Chicken and his friends out on the green farm.

To play the game, you will need to bet on one to five lines with five to fifty cents a spin, starting out with $100 which will allow for plenty of turns. There’s also an info button which shows you all possible pay-outs so that you get the most out of each game.

#3 GSN Casino

Playing slots for fun is an activity that we all engage in, and since we understand your commitment to having a good time, you’ve come to the right place! GSN Casino features two Wheel of Fortune variants, where you can spin the reels in the electrifying spirit of the casinos of Las Vegas.

There is no surprise that people are mesmerized by the Classic Edition of the hypnotic fruit machines. Alternatively, check out the dazzling slots version of Deal or No Deal, battling the Banker and finally putting them in their place!

You might even get the chance to score a staggering 12,500 FREE bonus tokens –all while registering to play. It’s a win-win situation!

#4 Ramses II

An Html5 game to keep a close eye out for is Ramses II. Featuring five reels with 20 win lines located by your side while hunting the hidden treasures of the Pharaohs, this interactive game can help you double your winnings and even grant you the odd SuperGame. To win, you have to score several identical symbols from the left side by side without interruption on a win line, while the winning the bonus section will give you great prizes too.

For example, if you land 3, 4 or 5 scarab symbols in any position you win 15 Bonus Games -which will use the bet of your last played game, with winnings in the Bonus Game being tripled.

#5 Big Fish

Considering that Big Fish is a free iPhone casino game, it surprises us to know that you have the chance of winning a lot of prizes from slots. We aren’t also solely talking about roulettes, blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker, but also other favorite games. In fact, you can experience the whole-hearted fun of the Las Vegas Strip, involving your friends and playing online.

If you are serious about your earnings, you can have a fortune with the free daily games, the bonus slot games, and the massive jackpots! And if you ever felt left out or unappreciated, you’ll be pleased to know that Big Fish gives away over 16 BILLION chips in jackpots – every single day!


Html5 or iPhone gambling is yet another fun and ingenious way in which you can place online bets within the safety and comfort of your chosen environment. But there’s even more, as technological advancements have made in such a way that you can still enjoy beautiful graphics, enveloping storylines, and smooth animations which hook you in!

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