Mahjong Solitarus 3
iPad iOS
The re-imagining of one of the world's oldest games, Mahjong Solitarus is a beautiful new title for amateur players and veterans alike.

Some of the gestures Mahjong Solitarus has to offer are:

- Realistic, beautiful graphics.
- Original 12 tile themes.
- A simple interface that's easy to learn.
- Auto-saved games so you can quit and resume as you like.
- Chill-out music.
- Hi-score for each layout.
- Realistic looking boards, with no monkeys or dolphins in the background.

Indulge yourself in a classic that's easy to learn, hard to master.

Good Mahjong implementation
Nice graphics and effects. I like the fireball that follows your finger and the flying dragons. Good variety of boards and tiles and easy to change them at any time. Music is short and monotonous but easy to turn down or off. No oppressive ads. This one is worth a look.
Fun Game
Very enjoyable version.
Very good
I like this very much, I've downloaded countless Mahjong games and found this one to be the best. I only have one complaint. I cannot listen to my own music while I play. If you can please update this so I can listen to my own music that would be great.
Great game....BUT
The tiles are just a little too small! They need to be a little larger. Otherwise, I love the game!
Can't play all the puzzles
Like the game but it won't let me play the last group of puzzles. When tapping the arrow it will just skip over the 4th page.
Great mahjong sim
Love the graphics, responsive controls.
This is my favorite mahjong game. It's challenging, I don't win very often, but I enjoy playing. No fancy, distracting graphics, just a great game. I do recommend.
Looks good, but needs a "quit" option
Sometimes I just want to quit a game. I need ths option. Otherwise, it is a nice game.
Love this app! Only thing missing is a clock/time as hours could go by b/4 one realizes how much time has flown by!
Mahjong solitairus 3.0
Awesome and addicting! Trying to obtain a better time on each puzzle has me logging way to many hours on this game. Cool soothing music. Love this app
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