Monsta Brick Breaker
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Monsta Brick Breaker™ is our beautiful twist on the brick-bashing game genre: Get your Monsta friend to pick up a wacky paddle and embark on a wild journey to lay bricks to waste throughout the times, all the way from the Medieval Age to the Space Age.

Guide your Monsta to collect a variety of power-ups that can give you the upper-hand, all the while you earn coins to unlock more Monstas with special powers, and gather up enough DanLab Magic Potion to turn your Monsta into an unstoppable force!

Challenge other players online for a chance to earn more coins in a game of Monsta skills, in which the winner takes all!

Let the fun begin with Monsta Brick Breaker, now!

Monsta Brick Breaker
This is one funny great game! I am going to give it 5 stars, however , it freezes up on my iPhone 5 when you pause the game and you have to delete the game & reinstall it in order to play. Please fix this because it is great!! woogly44
I've played almost every brick breaker on the App Store and this definitely shoots up into my top five. Highly polished and with a few new elements I haven't seen before. Adorable, fun and challenging. A lot of love went into this game! Just get it!
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