WackaMonsta !
iPhone, iPad, Mac Os X, Blackberry BB10
Wacka Monsta is a fresh new arcade game for iPhone that's as adorable as it is fun!

Pick the Monsta that catches your eye, put on a hat and roll onto the playing field. Your Monsta will then spit out big, fat, colored bubbles to burst other big, fat, colored bubbles. Match three, and they pop! But be quick: A descending beam gradually pushes the bubbles down and if they get to the bottom, it's game over!

- Upgrade your Monsta by gathering powerups and Wacka Coins.
- Get enough Wacka Coins and you can get your Monsta a new hat that confers special powaz!
- Don't feel like waiting? You can buy more coins in-game.
- Post your achievements on Facebook, Twitter and Game Center. (osx + ios)
- Choose from lots of different level themes, including Surf and Sun (a clever arcade puzzle game), Chili Bubbles (chili makes your bubbles red and spicy), Zen Salad (a no-pressure level where you can pop bubbles at your leisure) and Forest Gums (never-ending bubbles).

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I will give this 3 stars because it is not completely boring. This game is pretty awful though. The graphics are good and it runs pretty smoothly. The only thing is that some of the levels are literally impossible to beat. The good thing it doesn't throw adds at you every 5 seconds.
Awesome game!
I've had this game since I first got my iPhone 5 years ago, and I still play it! I love this game! Not only is it entertaining but it's ads aren't obnoxious! They also gave some cute little free holiday themed stuff on the app this last Christmas too! This app was made with love!
App is getting unstable
What's up with current instability?
Great game!
I wish there was a way to remove ads just by paying money though...not having to buy coins first
Sooooooo fun and addicting love it!
Love it
love it!
so good!
My fav game
Oh my gosh it is my fav game. I like to play on. Colorblind even though I'm not really it makes it more fun. If ur wondering how to get the colorblind option go in to the settings. I love it! I once played for 4hours straight!
This is one of my favorite games, but I can't play it on my iPad because it plays like its moving in slow motion. Please fix.
Works perfectly on my iOS 6!! Just the kinda game I was looking for!!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game and it will NOT work with IOS 6.0!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix it!!!
Won't work with iOS 6 please fix it!! It only game my parents like on iPhone
Won't load!
Won't load with iO6 please fix bug!
Keeps crashing
Since iOs6 this app keeps crashing.
Won't load
OH NO!!!
Please oh please oh please fix the crashing since iOS 6!!! I miss my little monster!!
Loved this game.... Until I updated to IO6 and then couldn't play! It was my fav game too. Fix ASAP!
Game won't open since iOS 6 Upgrade
This is my favorite iPad app but ever since downloading the iOS 6 upgrade, the app won't open on either the iPad or iPhone. I click on it and it looks like it will open, but it doesn't.
Crashes won't open
I updated the game and now it crashes and won't open.
I LOVE this game. I played it everyday as it has a calming affect on me, that is until yesterday. I installed the IOS6 and now it crashes as it isoprning. Please fix this problem
Soo cute!
I've played this alot...it's so cute and I love that u can buy different monsters with coins. Really fun
Wack is crashing again
The game was working for awhile. What happened?
Where's my money?!
My 2 kids - ages 4 & 2 - love this game and they constantly play it and that's why I'm giving it 2 stars. What I'm upset about is that the game keeps crashing so you keep losing coins that you've collected. To make matters worse, I broke down and spent the $30 to buy the coins for them to buy all the different models, headbands, etc. but, when I sync'd my iPad, everything disappeared! The game has a record of me buying the money but everything that was purchased with the coins is now not accessible again. I'm VERY frustrated about that!
Update ruined it
Is there any way to undo the latest update? The game keeps crashing and I lose my coins once I collect 300. What's the point of having new monstas if you can't collect coins? I doubt they're going to fix it anytime soon either.
I appreciate that you guys are letting us play music now, but it still isn't quite right. It pauses my music when you start or end a game. Getting better just needs some adjustments.
Used to enjoy it
Don't know what happened but I'm seeing the same problem. The game keeps crashing and app support seems nonexistent. Will probably delete soon
Crashes alot
Like others my only problem with this app is that it crashes all the time. Always mid game, making playing pointless.
What happen??
I had fun with game, I went to play other games & I went back to this game & as soon it finished loading it crashes!! It never did that before!!! :( it really deserves one star but I hopevu will fixes this I really really enjoyed this game!!
Love this game but I get fed up with crashing. Happened 3 times in a row today even after reinstalling!
Ridiculously addictive
Love this game. Wish that the Forest style allowed you to start from a certain level, though.
Best free game ever! If you like bubble games then download this! And the monsters are adorable!
I learned this app from a friend and I'm glad I did! It gets sooooo addicting! The first time I played it on my iPad I already got on the world leader board! All I have to say is get it it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Love itttt!!!!
So fun & addicting. I first played it on my friends ipad, and after that i was hooked. Great game! :)
This game stinks I was playing for hours and then it went to the main menu and I didn't touch anything and it didn't say my 104,578 score I WORKED SO HARD ON IT GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
This game is well worth getting
Great game
Love the game, very addicting. Needs new boards in next update.
Its worth downloading
I play this game all the time. The no stress, "play-at-your-own-speed" feature is VERY nice! The only thing to make this game better is to be able to play music. Fix that, please?
Cool but...
Is there an ad free version for this? :(
Needs an update again
It crashes when i open it on ipad...plz fix it...i luv this game ( i played on cousins)
So Great
I am 11 and this is my favorite app ever.The wacka monsters are so cute and the game is simple and challenging at the same time.JuST dont get the update because it don't work!my dad is addicted to!
Fun game, but ad interruptions are terrible
The game itself is fun and simple, and i like it very much. However, in the last couple of days, pop up ads have been interrupting game play. Having a window interrupt what I'm doing doesn't make me more likely to click that ad. Please fix this, and my rating will go up.
No good
Worked fine until I downloaded your "update". Now it does open at all! Fix it !
What did you do?!
It worked for me before I installed the "update", now it won't open!! Please fix it, I adore this game.. Had over 2000 coins... :(
So addicting, but crashed after updat (v1.11)
This game was so fun and I used to play it all the time. It is a great game, but now I can't open it with this new update. Instead if problems being fixed, more problems were made in the process. Please fix this soon!
Love this game
Addicting and fun please fix freezing and have paid version without adds
Unable to open after new update! Worked great prior to today, so update caused problems instead of fixing problems...please fix this
Crashed after update
Was a fun game until the update made it crash now it won't even open..
Game is fun, ads crash app
Fun game, but the video ads are ridiculous. About every 1-3 minutes a video ad will take over the screen, and half the time they crash the app.
Rotten update
App wont even open after this update .... Pls fix it
As many have already noted, the game crashes immediately upon opening the game. Unplayable.
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